Through a series of trial and error working with various businesses needing to accelerate their qualified lead gen efforts, AMP Marketing has fine-tuned a process that aligns the purchase process of a targeted lead with the sales management process…..with one objective, position our Clients as close to the resource consideration and research stage of the purchasing process as possible. There are 4 levels that are consistently paying off the goal:  
1.     Capture every lead that crosses your web site or social media portals – at the time the target is researching your solution
2.     Capture Leads that have already identified the need to implement a solution to a pre-identified business problem and gained permission with internally approved budgets
3.     Drive profiled leads to your Linked In Profile without “stalking” or spending hours of time searching for possible prospects
4.     Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Click efforts are tightened up by targeting portals that are most likely to attract your companies profiled key decision makers.  

The results generate cost and time efficiencies and a much more reliable sales forecast.