Chief Master Richard E. Anderson, the highest ranking African American out of  almost 400,000 members of the ATA, WTTU and STF organizations, is the pulse behind "Camp Positive".  He has been involved with Taekwondo and the ATA for over 39 years.

Chief Master Anderson has dedicated his life to helping inner city youth. "Camp Positive" is a program that reaches out to children from all walks of life.  His school is mainly students who come from single parent homes, raised by grandparents or guardians with little or no income.  He provides them with a positive path to gain self confidence in themselves and a stable support system in their lives.  He does this by implementing the well known motto of "Each One, Teach One".  He also believes "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child".  Chief Master Anderson and the instructors at Anderson's Taekwondo Center (ATC)  reach out to one child, youth or family and give those individuals life lessons.  These individuals are then able AND willing to teach other children, youth and those around them that there is a positive alternative than the streets.

Chief Master Anderson and his staff specializes in "at risk" youth.  That is any child with discipline, attention, self-esteem or low school achievement problems.  Chief Master Anderson teaches discipline through Taekwondo and he stresses the importance of academic achievement by encouraging good grades and an "Yes I Can" mindset. Not only are we concerned with a child graduating from high school but setting our sites on seeing the students graduate from college and becoming an active contributor to society and their community.