In a nutshell (organic, of course), we are lovers of social commentary, rational provocation and a thriving healthy planet. We use smart design, twisted humor and quality organic/ sustainable materials to inspire dialogue regarding the cultivation and conservation of our earth’s resources. We poke fun of the hypocrisy in hopes that we can affect change. We are bound to push some buttons on both sides of the environmental spectrum, and we’re okay with that. Actually, that’s what we’re all about!

Our goal is to create a product that is as planet-conscious as it is cheeky. That is why we use only 100% organic/ recycled or reusable materials and water-based/ non-planet destroying inks. Though all of our design and much of our production is produced in the USA, our t’s are presently manufactured in Peru through a fair trade cooperative. Our muy talento vendors are WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production).

Our designs may be considered irreverent; our commitment to the environment is anything but. A percentage of each Anti-eco item purchased will be donated to the clean-up and preservation of wildlife in the Gulf oil spill. And we promise to update you as to how your donations will be spent!

Here’s one more fat-free nugget: We are doing what inspires us, and in the process we are reclaiming our turf, one t(r)ee at a time.