appsparq, Inc. is a Louisville, KY based company specializing in Mobile Experience Design and Development with branches in Singapore and India. We specialize in Enterprise Mobility (Enterprise applications on smart phones and tablets), Brand Mobile (Designing and Developing Mobile Apps that preserve your Brand's Promise and Integrity) and Application Development. Our presence here, in Asia-Pacific and in India allows us to make optimum and cost-effective utilization of resources.

appsparq, Inc. is led by a group of technologists/entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in designing, developing and deploying enterprise applications. Appsparq believes that mobile platforms like smart phones and tablets offer a new and unique opportunity to enterprises to extend the efficiencies of their enterprise applications to their mobile workers like Sales, Service and Support personnel. They also offer Consumer and Business Brands to design new, innovative and fun ways of extending their Brand's Identity and Promise to the mobile world.