A non Denominational Ministry focused upon bringing the whole truth of God's Word.
Once as a babe in Christ I was told by a visiting minister that my call to Intercession was for "lost Churches" since that day I have been on a quest to find the answers that the modern day Church has lost and left behind that would cause her to be "lost."
In hopes of renewing the Holy Spirit within Her gates to bring glory and honor to the one who sits on the throne, God would take me on a Ten Year Journey with Him of gaining understanding from His perspective.
I would come to understand God's heart and His will for the modern day Church, to return to her biblical foundations and be renewed, and restored!
During this journey came the message to the Church in my book " Arise Sleeping Giant" a no nonsense, straight forward word from the heart of our heavenly Father that every person in the body of Christ needs to hear!
I encourage every Apostle, Pastor,Teacher, Evangelist to read and heed this word from the heart of God, and to return His people to Him once again.
You may find " Arise Sleeping Giant/Your Slumber Is Over" in online book stores everywhere.
Amazon.com, Books A Million.com, Barnes and Noble.com and The Book Depository.com, FlipKart.com and many, many more.
Please help me to spread this much needed message to the Church today by getting your copy and sharing it with everyone you know.
Blessings to you!