Arte no Livro is a place where books take the main role. In here we follow the footsteps of Mestre Víctor Santos (my grandfather) known as one of Portugal’s finest bookbinders and gold tooled craftsman. We are fully committed to this work giving attention to the finest details. Every day we create, evolve and develop techniques which allow us to put a personal stamp to every single book.
The literary object, a masterpiece in its content, becomes a work of art when bound; it is as though there is a fusion of masterpiece and beauty.
We are proud of the excellence of our work. Victor Santos had clients from all over the world, which is amazing, concerning those times when there when it was not easy to send a book abroad.
Our workshop and bookstore is, by itself an amazing place. Just as one is about to enter, in an almost instinctive yet unnoticeable way one starts to take in the scent… when inside, one’s nose instantly follows the movement and all feels like magic: the leather, the paper, the glue, the wax, gold leafs, wood, the tools and hardware and of course the books!
It is this characteristic scent, so difficult to find anywhere else, that is the heart and soul of the workshop. It is what it makes this place so unique and sacred, a place where time literally flies by.
To call this a passionate work is to oversimplify it; but it has proven difficult to find the words that best describe our love for books. Also in there, but at the bookstore, we share some of our favorite literature.
Arte no Livro is located at the seaside town of Cascais (Greater Lisbon area), Portugal.
Cascais is a place where the warm summer sun and the agitated winter tides inspire us to create.