ARTundressed celebrates the artistic, humorous, and sensual aspects of creative nude art; both in visual and performance arts.  Since its inception, this event has toured many different countries and numerous cities from all over the world, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Berlin (Germany), as well as Montreal and Toronto (Canada).  The collection of exhibited artworks is always top-notch showcasing some of today most talented, creative, renowned artists and photographers.  To differentiate our event, we go through a very calculated and selective process to feature top local, national and international artists, exhibiting some of the best nude art that exert the highest level of creativity.

In addition to displaying the best creativity in the nude art genre, a great amount of effort is spent on complimenting the "visual arts" portion of the event with Outrageous Fashion and Tantalizing Entertainment including Top International Deejays, Live Music, and Sexy Performance Art.  Attending the ARTundressed event is truly a memorable, interactive, and erogenous experience.

ARTundressed is coined as a "Creative Nude Art" Festival based on the simple fact that, although the event encompasses a lot more attractions than just the art exhibition, the principal element of its essence is depicted by high-quality, unique, provocative and very creative work of art.  In order to maintain the inimitability of the exhibition, the collection of art is curated by knowledgeable art experts and curators of some of the world's most prestigious art museums and galleries.  The final selection is based on the C.O.D.E. that applies to both the individual artwork itself and its complimentary aspect towards the ARTundressed Exhibition as a whole.  C.O.D.E. is the acronym for CREATIVY - ORIGINALITY - DEPTH / DESIGN - EROTICISM...  The fusion of these key criteria plays an important role in achieving an expectional selection of unique artworks, and helps to set ARTundressed apart from other events. The entire art collection is fun, humourous, inviting, thought-provoking, and sparks interesting conversations mainly from the co-relation of the subject to the innate sense of self.  Basically, it's experiencing all of your senses in a very Creative and Erogenous fashion!