Founded in 1996, Asia Trainers was, from the period April 2001 to May 2007, the Singapore Licensee of the world’s largest business coaching company ActionCOACH, a company with offices in 26 countries since 1993. (Action International changed its name to ActionCOACH in 2007).  

Asia Trainers (www.asiatrainers.com) is a team of dedicated professionals committed to building better business for companies in the areas of business training, coaching and consulting.  It is based in Singapore and headed by Andy Ng, Business Coach & Trainer.  The business is carried under “Higher Profits Action Pte Ltd”, where Andy Ng is the Managing Director.  

The Vision of Asia Trainers is “Building People to Building Business”.
ActionCOACH, headquartered in Australia, is the world’s no. 1 business coaching firm with offices in 26 countries.  It is founded in 1993 by the legendary entrepreneur Brad Sugars.  Brad Sugars is also the author of 15 business books including, “Instant Cashflow”, “Billionaire in Training” and “Action Speaks Louder than Words”, and the inventor of the one-and-only business board game called “LEVERAGE”.  Total number of business coaches worldwide now exceeds 975 serving over 39,785 companies.  
Andy Ng is the Master Coach and has trained under him 3 trainers including Joe Tan, Victor Koh, Ram and David Goldwich.  

Andy has 26 years professional experience in MNCs in areas including sales, banking, stock-broking, human resource, sales, management consulting, business coaching and training.  Andy is also a certified trainer with the American Management Association, a member of Asia Speakers’ Bureau and Advanced Training Systems (UK).  

To-date, Andy has conducted over 451 in-house training programs for many organizations including SingTel, Singapore Power, Informatics Group, BMC Software, Armstrong Industrial Corporation, C & H Realty, Junior Chamber and Singapore Institute of Labour Studies.  Andy has been conducting weekly public seminars since 2001.
As a business and executive coach, Andy has coached and consulted with over 127 companies from 67 industries.  Some of the more prominent clients include Kato Spring, Kruger Asia, Teck Seng Enterprises (top tape trader in Singapore), Communication Design International Limited, Hue Imaging Edition (award-winning photography firm), Illum Neon & Signcrafts (headed by Junior Chamber President), C & H Realty and Aegis Law Corporation.  

Uniqueness of Asia Trainers
Unlike the usual training programs, our training produces permanent changes.  Our approach is holistic in nature, whereby we start with the individual and examines the various general fundamental principles that the individual must adopt to get maximum learning.  For example, the individual must move from re-active learning to pro-active and take responsibility for his actions.  

We also incorporate sharing sessions and give participants many opportunities to participate fully through view exchanges and questioning.  

We employ techniques of coaching, which is simply to ‘draw-out’ the individual’s personal best and moves him towards self-direction.  

As we are also in the business of coaching and consulting over 39,657 companies since 1993, we have built up a wealth of experience that touches on everyday life and relate to daily concerns.  This makes our training not only realistic, but also results-oriented.

We are in the business of ‘edutainment’, where we educate ourselves, our clients and all those whom we work with, whilst we entertain them and create a fun learning environment.