ISC-Audubon operates with the main purpose of benefiting society, while offering professional and sustainably based programs, certifications, products and services.
ISC-Audubon is a coalition of non-profit organizations and initiatives that include The International Sustainability Council (ISC), Audubon Lifestyles, Audubon Outdoors, Planit Green, Broadcast Audubon, and the Audubon Network for Sustainability.
ISC-Audubon is committed to science based, economically viable, environmentally healthy and socially beneficial actions that will improve the quality of life for everyone, while ensuring that future generations have the ability to meet their own needs.

Our Mission
The ISC-Audubon mission is to foster sustainable living and lifestyles at home, work and play. We accomplish this through a number of award winning education and certification programs.

Our Vision
Our vision is to help create a more sustainable world. We assist people and their businesses discover and implement sustainable solutions that are reliable, practical, efficient and that reduce risk.

Our Cause
Funds generated through memberships and donations are used to provide fruit & vegetable seeds, wildflower seed mix, and wildlife feed & birdseed to urban and suburban communities around the world.

These seeds are used by communities to establish fruit and vegetable gardens, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, and for the beautification of urban and suburban landscapes by creating flower and native plant gardens.