This business is the artworks and authoring of  Robert G Smith. Since retiring from the daily work force he has written three novels relating in BOOTSTRAPS and GREASE the succesful physical and finantial recovery of  a man who suffered a disastrous tractor trailer pileup. 449 pages
  The second novel is a look at the solution a few families prepared for the posibility of a nuclear disaster  perpetrated by terrists on the Unites States and the world. 153 pages
   The third novel followes sixty-five years of the highs and lows,the joys and sorrows of the coming and goings of  the authors many four legged friends. 77 pages
The novels can be viewed on www.my-books-4-u.com
    His artworks is sandblast etching of  glass. He has twenty-four completed commissions in public buildings and private homes in Florida.
His glassworkd can be seen on www.artworksbyrobertgsmith.com