Book Marketing Boot Camp from Author Connections, LLC helps authors to:

Define your personal and professional goals

Reveal what inspired you to write your book

Get two book reviews and assistance pulling best quotes to use

Build a two page, four color AC Showcase to properly brand and promote your book

Review and consider ten different methods of book promotion

Select the marketing options that are best fit for your book

Target audiences and best vehicles for reaching them (there are more paths to your reader than you think)

Craft a marketing campaign schedule that is truly comprehensive and integrated, yet simple to follow and execute

Engage in five one-to-one work sessions focused exclusively on you and your book

Take advantage of a brand marketing and advertising expert with more than 20 years experience in editing, business development, publishing and media

Avoid unnecessary embarrassment by having your book proofread by a professional

Boost your potential for success with introductions to key industry players who can take your book to a whole new level

Relax with comfort of personal attention and superior service throughout your Book Marketing Boot Camp experience

Have fun with your book's promotion rather than seeing it as a chore

We work with only a short list of select authors and clients. To see if Author Connections is a fit for you, contact us at info@authorconnections.com or 570-686-1214.