Lead Generation and Appointment Setting experts

Generating sales is the life line of any business. In this technology age, customers are educated about a variety of products and solutions. They understand there are options to any solution and it’s simple to research any topic or product on the internet. With these challenges, it has become more difficult for any company to generate leads and convert them into customers. Direct marketing no longer has the same impact and the sales cycle has now become longer and more complex.  We live in a world of accountability and sales decisions that were once made on a handshake in the first meeting are now made by a project management team.
When you build a sales team, you need a combination of experience, drive and market awareness to connect with decision makers. You need the ability to connect and quickly develop strong relationships with people. And you need the ability to effectively communicate with people at all levels in the sales cycle.

The B2BSales.ca Advantage

Experience: Ken Matthews is President of B2BSales.ca with over 20 years experience in sales, finance and call center operations. He has developed an effective sales model, identifying leads, qualifying and converting them into customers. Our agents all have B2B sales experience and proven track records converting leads into sales.

Canadian: We are Canadian and understand the marketplace and culture. We offer our sales programs through our offices in both Canada and the Philippines. Each customer with B2BSales.ca is assigned an account manager from Canada to support and drive the program.  Effective communication and respect is our focus with all our clients.

List assistance: We help source the best list for your business to ensure you are calling the best prospects.

Training: Our sales professionals go through extensive sales training. We understand sales strategies and how to identify decision makers, identify sales needs and provide solutions that turn prospects into customers.

Price: With our international offices in the Philippines and local offices just north of Toronto, we offer price options and solutions that best fit your business.

Reporting: All our agents use salesforce.com which provides a variety of reports on leads, opportunities and customers. Our account managers will spend the time with the clients to continuously find new opportunities and improve performance.

Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your program we will refund the money on your account.

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