Making a difference

Back To My Charity, Inc. is a successful socially responsible company. We sell apparel and school uniforms and we donate 15% of sales back to schools and charities because we believe education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.

Back To My Charity is working with artists to create awareness about causes by printing their inspiring art on apparel and donating back to charities involved in those causes.

Jabu is one of our artists a Freedom Artist from South Africa involved in the good causes of Nelson Mandela through his artwork now printed on apparel and sold in the shop www.backtomycharity.com - 15% of all sales goes directly to the good work that the Nelson Mandela Foundation is doing to level out inequality by contributing to a society which remembers its pasts, listens to all its voices, and pursues social justice in order to promote peace, human rights and democracy.

Our vision is to build Back To My Charity, Inc. into a solid strong socially responsible company adapting to markets and the needs of its customers using technology to sell apparel and uniforms donation back to schools and charities around the world – because through education we can change the world.

We value your support and feedback. Let us know how we do and how we can improve and do better by writing us at info@backtomycharity.com

Jesper Wieder | Founder