Bare Medicine was opened in November, 2009, by Dr Kristen McElveen, a naturopathic doctor who received her doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 2007. After 2 years of residency, Dr McElveen decided it was time to return to the East Coast to help fulfill the need for naturopathic care. In Oregon, naturopaths are considered primary care physicians, able to prescribe any drug when needed and are often part of integrative health clinics working alongside traditional MDs. Here on the East Coast however, naturopathic licensure is relatively new and a bit more restricted to more of a complementary health care provider. Dr McElveen is happy to take on the challenge to help bring naturopathic care to New Englanders who need and want this type of medicine. Please feel free to check the Bare Medicine website to learn more about Dr McElveen, her practice and naturopathic medicine in general.