BBLuxe Jewelry has evolved over more than a decade. We began creating jewelry with mostly beads and gemstones for the good majority of the time we have been in business.  About a year ago we took a drastic change in our style and materials of construction.  The transition has been an incredible journey, learning new techniques and finding new inspiration. We now primarily work with Copper, Brass, Fine Silver, Vintage Components and Steampunk Gear. Although we have gone in a different direction, we still use the finest beads and components we can find, and continue to broaden our repertoire of skills by taking classes, learning new techniques and experimenting ourselves. We look forward to providing our clients with new, innovative, beautiful, and intriguing designs.

Recently our jewelry has been displayed and gifted at the 2012 GBK Primetime Emmy’s Gift Lounge in addition to some notable celebrities, like: Lauren Conrad, Jenny McCarthy, Tyra Banks, Nia Peeples, Paula Abdul, and Mariska Hargitay. Each of the folks above has been gifted individually with exclusively designed pieces.