Improve Design Supply is a Social Enterprise in Australia. We have recently designed a temporary, recyclable, comfortable, sanitary and affordable bed which has applications in the containment of virus outbreaks such as the current Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. It has been made clear that treatment facilities are running out of physical beds as they are having to be destroyed every time a patient with Ebola uses it.
Currently we have teamed up with a charity Stand4Salone to raise $30000 to supply at least 1000 IMP beds to West African governments so they can distribute them to relevant NGOs

Getting our product to West Africa is our market penetration. As Ebola is a temporary problem, we designed our product with the intention of supplying governments, aid organisations, NGOs globally. This will assist people by saving resources whether it be money or otherwise.
When we sell our product to the public, as we are a people before profit enterprise we will also be donating beds directly to the international aid community.