What is BELOBU?
BELOBU is the “first local online branding engine”  for the BEST LOCAL BUSINESSES, that is powered by word-of-mouth.
How does BELOBU help my business?
With 40+ years of marketing and advertising experience, BELOBU acts as your online “Marketing Department” and “Advertising Agency”  without the expense and hassle of traditional  marketing and advertising organizations.
BELOBU’s goal is to find and target your audience to promote your business throughout various  media sources, including online marketing, audio, video, press release, search engine marketing, social media advertising, award and publicity programs and word-of-mouth marketing and advertising.
Why BELOBU works?
BELOBU  is  the first and only local online branding engine that combines the most powerful small business marketing and advertising tools under one roof so that the business owner doesn’t have to search  for   different companies for   different marketing and advertising programs.
BELOBU  acts as your  "digital marketing department and ad agency"  and take care of various promotions so that you can have enough time to  concentrate on growing your business.
Unlike traditional  online advertising and marketing  programs, Belobu also offers "category exclusivity" option  to it’s  members based on their cities and/or zip codes which creates an easier and targeted search for online users.
What other marketing and advertising services BELOBU offers?
Website programming and design, marketing and advertising consulting, advertising copywriting, Facebook advertising, professional video and photography services, coupon programs, graphic design, email and fax marketing, SEO, domain names, hosting, dedicated servers, SSL certificates, ecommerce accounts, shopping carts, logo design, printing, radio productions and customized branding programs.
What is included in my membership?
Your qualifying  and  fully customized “BELOBU Word-Of-Mouth Branding Membership Program ” includes:
•        Google, Yahoo, Bing Submissions
•         Category Exclusivity  Option
•         Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
•         Keywords, Meta Tags
•         Social Network Promotions and Ads
•         Personalized BELOBU (Best Local Businesses) Award
•         Right To use and display BELOBU Name and Logo
•         Customized Website
•         Customized logos and/or banners
•         Photos, Video, Music, PDF Files and other multimedia
•         Maps, Directions
•         Link to your website
•         Discounts on online services and ad agency programs
•         Discount on printing
•         Discount on professional video & photography services
•         Full business description, address, phone
•         Ratings, Reviews Program
•         Review Monitoring
•         Press Release
•         Consultation
•         Technical Support
•         Discount Program (Deal Of The Day)
“My overall satisfaction with BELOBU is very high. I would definitely recommend BELOBU branding program to any local business owner who is determined to maximize his/her profits by utilizing a simple and a very effective system”                              
-New Image Surgery-
“I always knew that the best way to advertise was  word-of-mouth. BELOBU takes word-of-mouth advertising to the next level.”
“Comparing to other similar programs BELOBU is far superior, more personal, more local and extremely cost effective”
“Features and benefits of BELOBU are  hard to beat. I am a fan of BELOBU because they make everythin easy. Nothing is complicated and/or time consuming. BELOBU promises a little, delivers a lot. That’s refreshing!”
-Turn It To Cash-
“BELOBU’s search engine optimization and marketing system is extremely effective and definitely working for my business. I sincerely believe that BELOBU is committed to make my business successful and they perform beyond my expectations.”
-S. Wiener, M.D.-
“BELOBU knows how to utilize and maximize the benefits of social networking (Facebook, Twitter) for my business. BELOBU finds and targets my target audience to promote my business throughout various media sources”
-M. Aldrich-
“BELOBU proved it’s effectiveness by delivering on it’s promises.  I am proud to display my BELOBU award and membership logo at my business and website.”
“With BELOBU there is always results, no excuses. BELOBU utilizes the most powerful and effective small business marketing tools under one roof so I don’t have to search for 10 different companies for 10 different projects”
-E.A. Syed-
“I sincerely believe that BELOBU is committed to make my business successful and they perform beyond my expectations”
-K.Sweeten, M.D.-
“I’m Proud to display my BELOBU award and my BELOBU membership logo at my business and on my website.”