A new book about bicycle safety for kids, Bicycles Have Feelings Too is a high quality children’s educational book that uses a fresh, unique approach to bicycle safety for kids.

BICYCLES HAVE FEELINGS TOO is a high quality children's educational book that uses a fresh, unique approach. It is about bicycle safety, a relevant issue in today's society that is factually correct. The book uses humor and bright illustrations to emphasize what children should and should not do when riding a bicycle.

BICYCLES HAVE FEELINGS TOO is about an eight-year-old boy named Billy and his vain, emotional red bicycle. He rides the bicycle to school and encounters friends and obstacles that pose problems. Billy must "do the right thing" by following the rules of bicycle safety. The bicycle reacts emotionally to each situation and provides the comic relief keeping the interest of the reader.

BICYCLES HAVE FEELINGS TOO is designed to reach the early ready, ages five to eight, but the rules inside apply to all children's age groups to age sixteen. It is lively and moves along quickly. The book is ideal for elementary schools and children's reading groups in libraries, etc.

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