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Do eBooks sell? The answer is and always will be yes. People have and always will be prepared to pay for information. One of the strongest human desires is to learn, to be educated and to better ourselves, no matter what the subject is: to live longer and healthier, to be a better parent, partner or lover, to raise children well, to earn more money, to work fewer hours or to own a nicer home or faster car, maybe play a sport better or even just to bake tastier cakes, everyone wants information and nearly all would be prepared to pay for it.

eBooks have become desirable because of their instant nature: I pay my money and boom, three minutes later all the info I need is downloaded onto my PC. No hassle, no waiting, no fuss. What you are now reading is the quickest proof I can give you that people will pay for information. You made a good decision!

eBooks provide very useful information just like a book you find in a library and since eBooks are electronic, you can distribute them more easily. Your customer doesn’t have to spend hours searching for a book, doesn’t pay for shipping, and gets his/her eBook immediately rather than having to wait in long lines, or even having to wait for the book to arrive in the mail. It doesn’t cost any money to print eBooks and you don’t have to pay for postage since eBooks can be sent via e-mail. You can make an unlimited number of copies which allows you to make 100% of the profit after the initial sale.

The Internet is an extremely powerful tool. Millions of people surf the Internet everyday from all around the world. They run their businesses from it. They plan their holidays on it. They do their banking through it.

The fact is millions of dollars are spent every single day on that thing we call the Internet. But by far and away the single biggest thing available online today is . . . INFORMATION! People want, in fact people NEED, information. They will pay handsomely for the right information too. This is one of the reasons that ebooks have become so popular.

Why e-Books and Information Products?

The ability to create e-Books places you in an incredibly powerful position. E-Book selling allows you to make your own unique product; it makes your business different from any of the thousands of sellers on internet competing for the same customers and selling the same products at the same prices.
Your information products will only be available from you and because of this they are easier to market. Uniqueness aside, eBooks are also the easiest products to deliver to your customer, there are no shipping costs or returns due to damaged or lost deliveries.

E-Books are made of electronic data, simply upload your eBook to your web space and allow customers to download it – your delivery costs are virtually zero.

We’ve already done all this for you. Even better, apart from a couple of minor costs at the outset, your business can be run without high costs- on a shoestring budget.
And probably the best thing of all is the fact that everything can be automated.

I hope I have now whetted your appetite about the benefits of selling eBooks and how with a little effort they can make you a lot of money.