The bijoot line capture the spirit of multiculturalism and satisfy the stylish urge of those who seek exotic, chic and eclectic accessories and to infuse personal expression with la joie de vivre (the joy of living).

Mission & Vision

Bijoot is a unique accessory manufacturer and retailer with statement pieces for women, men, children, pets, homes and even electronics.   The pieces are made through the fusion of fabric, mixed metal chains, beads, shells and other organic materials, assembled with vibrant colors and creative details which capture the essence of multiculturalism and updated to suit current fashion trends.  Bijoot creates and sources unique accessories by infusing modernism into carefully selected traditional and modern ethnic materials that transcend international borders.  Bijoot collections are multi-faceted and capture the essence of global opulence while incorporating contemporary style. The collection is constantly evolving with the hottest trends while remaining timeless.

Bijoot is also environmentally conscious, socially responsible and charitably-minded (See Bijoot Charities for more information).


Origin of the Word – What is Bijoot?
Bijoot “be-zhüte” is a French-derived verb coined by business leader and fashion icon, Christelle Gorman, meaning “to accessorize” – adding an accent to everyday lifestyle one or more inspired accessory at a time.

How to use Bijoot in a sentence?

To choose or wear accessories: “Well-dressed women bijoot according to the occasion.”
To fit or equip with accessories: to “bijoot your house with special African inspired pillow covers.”
To be suitable for accessories: “Some clothes bijoot more easily than others.”
2010, Americanized/fashionized; Bijoot + ing

Related forms
Bi•joo•ti •za•tion, noun