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About Bill and Judy Bremer

Over the years, my wife, Judy and I have fellowshipped with all kinds of believers.  We love them all.  However, we have found very few have a picture of the kingdom that encourages them to live for the Lord in everything they do, including changing diapers.  The inspiration and instruction they find at Church on Sunday just doesn’t seem to carry over to the rest of the week.  So many settle for a drab spiritual future, seek fulfillment elsewhere, and end up unfulfilled.    

My search for more life in Christ began in the 1970’s.  I began getting a picture of life in the kingdom of God and found marvelous light.  Then, along with Judy, I began studying, receiving, and applying the gospel of the kingdom.  Since I was raised Lutheran, I started by reading and studying the Bible, sola scriptura – Scripture only.  

My parents and siblings were devout Missouri Synod Lutherans.  Our farm house was a home of hospitality, often filled with the laughter of happy people. God was the source and center of our relationships. We prayed at every meal, shared the Word in daily devotions, regularly fellowshipped with other believers, and worked together. We lived worthy of our parents, helped one another, and enjoyed our family and our friends.  Through this family and neighborly lifestyle, Messiah Jesus led us to know God our Father and helped us be faithful and loyal to God and one another.  Even though we didn’t recognize this as participating in the kingdom; it was.  I highly value this rich heritage.  

As I read the Bible, I had a lot of questions and began reading books on the kingdom.  There weren’t many and I soon found out the Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses have very twisted views on the kingdom.  Back in 1977, I discovered a gem of a book that helped me begin to see things with kingdom perspective:  The Community of the King by Howard Snyder.  I still have a well read copy.  

I don’t have all the answers, but I treasure the kingdom in my heart.  

Perhaps some of the things I share will help you along the way.