BIMRAY® displays a 3D visual environment of assets on location to update, add and append field inspection information directly to the asset, including pictures and videos delivered as an integrated web-deployed solution, with customized functionality to suit your needs.

From data collection through publishing the application, our team works in partnership with you to extract the maximum value from your data. Additionally, we provide interactive location emergency management training simulations – tablet, desktop and VR headset versions using the same technologies.

BIMRAY® is not a viewer - It's a realistic world of interactive assets … Greater access, ease and efficiency from any angle BIMRAY® supports information and data ranging from critical infrastructure, detailed design or as-built BIM models.

If you can build it you can visualize it, and BIMRAY® is the unique tool combining realistic visualization and data with client driven-functionality. The tools support VR simulations using your best "real world " datasets for what ifs, change management and interactive training scenarios.