Blackbird Academy of Arts, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed to give all persons in the Central Arkansas area opportunities to experience and take part in artistic endeavors. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of quality arts education to anyone with a true desire to cultivate their artistic abilities. But beyond simply providing instruction, we also give these students opportunities to share their gifts with the community through performances, art shows, readings, and more.

We currently offer instruction in pre-professional dance, music, creative writing, visual arts, filmmaking, sewing, and theatre for ages three-adult.  And while we strongly encourage excellence in all areas, our philosophy is that art is more than learning how to draw a perfect figure or execute a technically correct leap. Art can be a vehicle for change, it can be a venue for people to connect, to learn, to experience something they might otherwise never have. With this in mind, our classes focus not only on technical teaching, but also serve to instill in each student an understanding in the value of art as a tool for expression and communication. By combining these ideas, our desire is to offer a carefully balanced atmosphere of both discipline and creativity.