Bliss Tubs manufactures and distributes quality walk-in tubs through dealers across the USA. Bliss Walk-in Tubs have established a reputation for quality workmanship and service.

Bliss Tubs incorporate only the finest components.

   Bliss tubs stand out with top quality features that many other tubs do not offer:
       Constructed of durable woven fiberglass ― long-lasting
       (unlike plastic or vinyl tubs which can easily crack or chip)
       Gel coating finish has been meticulously applied
       Stainless steel frame ― same as walk-in tubs sold by Lowe’s
       Sturdy one-piece construction
   Systems are provided by top of the line North American manufacturers.
   Equipment is known for its quiet operation.
   Blowers/pumps transfer heat into tub water, helping to maintain water temperature.
   Systems are meticulously installed by specialists at Bliss USA facilities.
   Green Thinking: Adhesive used in Bliss Tubs manufacturing meets or exceeds NSF, ASTM and IAPMO standards; the adhesive is fire-resistant and eco-friendly.

Bliss Tubs is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Bliss Tubs has a totally clean BBB record.  Since Bliss Tubs was founded in 2008, no complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau.