We have provided investors with the unique opportunity to digitally invest in Real Estate around the world via Fiat. Our experienced team selects the best properties and has independently verified all properties showcased on our marketplace. Whether you are interested in residential or commercial properties, come and buy shares of the Top real estate worldwide and make decisions regarding their operations.
Introducing Blits Coin

Blits Coin is a revolutionary concept that entitles you to become shareholders of the DAO and part owners of your property. Blits Coin has made it easier for property builders and owners to obtain project funds. It has also provided a transparent model for investors & builders to get quick returns on their investments. You can now purchase Blits Coin through USD and start investing.

Why invest in Blits Estates?

The real estate industry has always been a stable and profitable investment. Blits Estates offer a new way to invest in real estate or raise funds for your project with the added benefits of blockchain technology. There will be no overhead from an investing firm because a DAO is owned by its members. All earnings are reinvested or distributed as dividends to all members. Here are some reasons why you must invest in Blits Estates

what is dao real estates model ?
DAO real estate is similar to traditional real estate investing with a layer of blockchain but only decentralized, allowing investors to participate in real estate through digital payments and through different ownership/partnership models. We are helping society to get the investment in this exciting new technology of Blockchain which is reliable & secure with Proof-of-ownership.