Welcome to the BlueSkye Foundation, -the no1 rated Climate influencer.

As a global operator the Blueskye Foundation is bringing the Swiss and European clean technology and –charitywork to congested and desperately polluted areas of the world.

Globally the Blueskye Foundation is recognized as a leading provider of clean waste management worldwide.

Blueskye Foundation is divided to 2 segments, the charitable educational side and the non-profit operational waste management side. Foundation is followed by hundreds of thousands active people world-wide on social media and the amount is rising fast.

The waste management operates with global funding. It is 100% funded by institutional funders and needs no additional funding from private individuals. Waste management operations have currently contracts to over 30 countries and counting. 2050, there will be over 500 units underway generating electricity and reducing waste to nature -making foundation as the biggest waste to energy provider globally.

Greentech Exchange takes care of that all of the sold electricity and the benefits thereof trading climate vertical, benefits the healing of our own common climate, giving our children and their children possibility for meaningful life.

The charitable educational side is filling the gap of centralized climate info on-time-on-demand -basis for students, politicians, decision makers and everyone interested to learn about the facts and science behind the climate change. At the moment we produce large number of the climate news portals which you can find online at: https://carbonfootprintnetwork.com/

-and get to know our daily readers you can find some info at: https://carbonfootprintnetwork.com/NetworkMap/

Climate change is a life threatening happening globally and we need to be able to do our best to share the info where ever we are.