First and foremost, we are fully committed to the Bodyfit community.  This includes you, our friends/members and staff.  We recognize and embrace that this is about more than just fitness.  This is about connecting with people, getting to know them on a more personal level and building lasting relationships.  Bodyfit is not just a “job” for us.  It is a passion and a way of life that has a real emotional connection.  We want to exceed expectations in every way by going above and beyond for our friends/members.  If home and work are the first two places that we feel comfortable and engage with people, we want Bodyfit to be the 3rd place.  Bodyfit is an experience filled with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM and we want to create memories through this experience.  We are committed to choosing a positive and encouraging attitude on a daily basis.  We want to have fun with our work and make it fun for others as well.  We want Bodyfit to be the best part of your day, every day, so that you look forward to coming here.  We are also committed to being present and giving you our full attention when you need it.  We will listen, not just hear.  We are here for you.
For the very small part of Bodyfit that is fitness.  We are committed to providing the highest quality services in the world.  We are artists of our craft that are never satisfied with settling for “good enough” and that want to continue to grow and learn, personally and as a team.  Bodyfit will be BOLD innovative leaders and will continuously work to set new standards for the fitness industry.  Every class we teach and session we do will be better than the last.  We want to be life transformers and are fully committed to getting you the results that you desire, through safe and healthy measures.  All while creating a non-intimidating environment.
We hope that you read this and SMILE, knowing that this is not a gym, it is a community of friends that you are now a part of.  WELCOME.  Let’s have some fun!  And maybe a drink or two along the way.