Dear Classmates,

Welcome to BookBeef.com! My name is Dominic Esposito. I created this site to help students with their college textbook needs. Initially I made this site because GCC wouldn't buy back one of my books. I was outraged like some of you may have experienced in the past. See the thing I hate is the circle of being ripped off… Let me explain.

You buy a book from the bookstore for $120 bucks and use it a few times in your class. Then when the semester is over, you sell it back to the bookstore and they give you $30 bucks for it. Then the bookstore goes and sells your book to another student for $80 bucks. Point of the story is that you just got played by the local college bookstore.

I want to help all students avoid this.

Why not sell your book to another student for $60? Then he saved $20 off a used one at the bookstore and $60 off a new book from the bookstore, and you get double or triple what the bookstore would have given you. It's that simple! This site is 100% FREE and will ALWAYS remain that way. So take a second and post a few of your textbooks! What have you got to lose?

-Dominic Esposito
Founder, BookBeef.com