At bookgenesis.com our goal is to make complex book production a simple pleasure.

Professional Software: bookgenesis.com is an online book production software platform.

Publishing Services: We provide a variety of services to help authors, publishers, and leaders to achieve their publishing vision.

We can…

* Produce your most complex products in print and digital formats.

* Engineer a solution to your complicated operational or workflow challenges, automating what can be automated and simplifying the lives of those who do the work.

* Train you in all aspects of the book production process, teaching you simple ways to do complex things.

* Consult with you on your projects or your business, creating with you solutions that simplify the complicated problems or challenges facing you.

We are…

* Seasoned professionals, experienced in all aspects of book production, experts in our areas of specialization, with a comprehensive understanding of the publishing business and its processes.

* Passionate about books and publishing, filled with a desire to help our customers succeed in publishing and reach the full potential that their words and ideas deserve.