The Scorpion’s Sting:  A Magdalena LaSige Novel – The first in this riveting new suspense series by J.D. Masterson

If you missed J.D. Masterson’s book signings in the last few weeks, you missed a chance to meet one of the hottest new authors who resides part time in Hunterdon County – yes, she is a female writer!  The book is getting national acclaim and has been accepted to the NYC Book Expo at the Javits Center from May 23-26, 2011, while making National News.  The author is on tour for the next year and events are still being scheduled in NY/NJ area until mid-March.

Dr. Masterson weaves a brilliant fiction suspense story through symbols and signs that combines religious and pharmaceutical lies - making a strong plea for alternative health - sprinkles it with conspiracy and as one reviewer said, “If Dan Brown's novels leave one wishing they could be true, The Scorpion's Sting leaves one hoping that it's not.  The case is quite compelling, however.  Tell yourself it's fiction.  Then you might be able to sleep!”

Once you start this book won’t be able to put it down.  Many readers go back to it for a second reading.  The Midwest Book Review noted it as a book “not to be missed.”

In case you can’t wait another minute to read it, run to The SunFlower Seed, 38 Old Highway 22, Clinton, NJ and pick up a copy.  This book is available in all National Bookstores and Chains – if it is temporarily out of stock it can be ordered.  Signed and unsigned copies can be rushed to you from www.jdmasterson.com.  It is also available through the Hunterdon County Library System, but every time I look it is already checked out!  

Make sure to see this website for the national ad that is airing now and other reviews– it will make you NEED to own a copy for yourself!  And if you are interested in having Dr. Masterson do your radio, TV or signing event, please send an e-mail to book@jdmasterson.com.  Dan Brown, step over, there’s a new woman in town, and she’s ours!  

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