SInce 1986, The Bootstraps FOundation has been awarding scholarships to Middle Tennessee students who show an ability to cope with and overcome difficulties, problems and seize opportunities.

The Purpose of the Bootstraps Foundation is: To reward perseverance through adversity with higher education scholarships for deserving youth of Middle Tennessee.

The Bootstraps Foundation exists to assist persevering young men and women across Middle Tennessee who have, despite severe obstacles and hardships in life, miraculously placed themselves in a position to attend college. Each year, The Bootstraps Foundation is flooded with applications from students who have the desire to expand their education beyond high school. Choosing between these deserving applicants is difficult. We realize that our scholarships may make the difference between someone being able to better themselves through higher education or extinguishing the hope for these young people. Our goal is to increase the number of scholarships that we offer to the youth of Middle Tennessee, every year.