BEA is a team of domain experts with proprietary A.I. technology, applications and data sources used to provide investment and competitive intelligence analysts with services, software, and analytics to increase productivity, speed, savings, and insight.

We offer the S&P 500 like you’ve never seen it before.  All SEC filings, earnings transcripts, financials, company presentations, and press releases from qualified public sources organized into 11 sectors and sub-industry groups accessible through interactive Tableau dashboards that are

   Convenient – all data & document services included
   Comparative – by sector, industry and company
   Contextual – full drill down to source documents
   Interactive – Tableau dashboards enable discovery

Powered by a proprietary A.I. technology that transforms speed of access and insight through an intelligent database. Competitive analysis or new investment themes can be discovered through a visual interactive user interface. Custom configurations and proprietary data sources can be accommodated through our custom systems group.