Box Office Brands is an affordable online portal that connects marketers with content producers to facilitate brand integration and product placement deals.  

Product Placement & Brand Integration

Research has shown that products and services integrated seamlessly into pop-culture via television, film, music, video games and web content have a profound impact on consumers, increasing brand recognition and purchase intent significantly.  For content providers, product placement provides a unique means of obtaining substantial in-kind or financial support for their projects.

However, the lack of a central, robust solution for purchasing and selling product placement and brand integration sponsorships often makes this powerful marketing venue cost-prohibitive for both marketers and content providers.

Box Office Brands takes the hassle and headache out of product placement and brand integration deals by bringing both parties to one collaborative location online, at an affordable price.  Companies may post an unlimited number of proposed sponsorship deals and content producers may quickly and efficiently browse, search and find opportunities that meet their specific criteria.   Both parties may post profiles and take advantage of our sophisticated online collaborative tools.  

While product placements are highly beneficial to both marketers and content producers, these transactions traditionally require significant resources to accomplish, as discovering opportunities to evaluating, negotiating and implementing opportunities once found, has been a time and resource intense endeavor for both brands and content producers.

Box Office Brands does the leg work in attracting and retaining brands and content producers to ensure the portal has value to all members.  Our members no longer spend valuable time and resources hunting down high quality product placement or brand integration transactions and are instead able to focus on their core business or project.  

We provide great value for our marketers and content producers.  Unlike our competitors, who charge hundreds of dollars per month per user or thousands of dollars per project,  we offer our service to content producers for free and to marketers for a nominal annual or monthly fee.