What started out as a way to help friends expanded into a business.

That business helped thousands of product professionals successfully launch products, prevent epic failures, and propel careers.

That business is now BrainKraft. Our mission is to deliver the product launch solution that your competitors fear.

Our team has the experience of leading hundreds of product launches and know what it’s like when it goes wrong. It’s not something we want others to go through.

The BrainKraft Product Launch System is the brainchild of founder Dave Daniels, a former technology executive and long-time instructor for Pragmatic Marketing. Dave started his product launch mission with Launch Clinic, a company he founded to educate technology companies how to launch products. Launch Clinic was acquired by Pragmatic Marketing where Dave adapted his product launch methodology and tools by delivering the widely popular Product Launch Essentials course (now named Launch).

Product Launch Essentials was delivered to thousands of product professionals in hundreds of technology companies all over the world.