Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting, LLC (BRVC) is a strategic communications & marketing agency that help creative brands thrive with brand development, digital marketing, event coordination, public relations & operations management support.

Launched in February of 2017 by millennial goal-digger, Brianna Régine Walston, BRVC wants ambitious individuals to know their visions are possible with an efficient support system, hard-work, innovative thinking and realistic approach. Whether you're looking for an expert to be your springboard for that innovative project you're brainstorming or you desire a professional touch to your product, service or persona, we are here and we want to see you win!

We value the individual talents and passions of each of our clients and shape our services to meet their unique needs--and we communicate the story behind their brand to the multiple channels that exist in today's fast-paced society. We want to see your vision come to life as much as you do, and we fill in the missing roles necessary to strengthen the cohesiveness, infrastructure, longevity and engagement of your brand.

Based in Connecticut's Fairfield County, we are grateful to have experience with increasing brand exposure for remarkable clients touching the  entertainment, beauty, writing, lifestyle, finance industries and more.  Grow your brand with a team that genuinely cares about the REAL legacy you desire!