In 12 weeks, website marketing strategy plan for acquiring customers and promoting your business.

Specific, quantitative top-line goal that says what and when.

A quantitative result, and the timeframe in which it will be accomplished.

Elimination of hope by naming, measuring and reacting to every feeder feed.

Get started here in three phases :

1) Website designed with a single focused objective to capture attention and pull visitors deeper, comfortable navigation to guide them thru your site making it natural for them to stay around.

2) Informational portal to strategically leverage your expertise with engaging content that's easy-to-use and quickly have informational products that share valuable multimedia content with thousands of subscribers at once.

3) Social media advisory to brand your business online, engage customers take your brand messaging to new frontiers.

Give your audience a reason to spend time with your brand on social networks.

Connect with your audience at the right time in the right context.

When push comes to shove, what's the impact of social on your bottom line? Understand the influence of an individual post, or take a step back and see larger trends. Track referral sources, view demographics data and see summaries of your pages and properties.

Boldly take your brand messaging to new frontiers.