Our shirts are for levity, the only thing we are serious about is design, quality and customer service.

Together we are bringing a new meaning to private public partnership by introducing stylish and professionally designed apparel that is positively encouraging, derisively subversive, and perfectly ironic to office workers all over the globe.

Chris Pointer - Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

As a entrepreneur, I am often baffled by the slow and wasteful practices of today’s bureaucracy. Mountains of red tape, never-ending sick days and the ever present “countdown to retirement” are common criticisms of the public service. But truth be told, many of the bureaucrats I know are involved in some very creative and original initiatives on the side. Thankfully, many govies are laid back enough to laugh at their bizarre circumstances while still taking pride in the in the meaningful and innovative work they do. Our designs are meant to propel the fun, free thinking attitude of the bureaucrats I've come to know and love. Besides, if anyone has the disposable income to spend on a clever shirt, it’s them.

Nick Charney - Co-Founder & Career Civil Servant

As a someone who enjoys the relative stability of the public sector, I often wonder what it would be like to walk away and start fresh in the private sector  Luckily for my children, with ventures like these and friends like Chris, I can get a flavour without having to buy the whole meal. The idea behind the shop was simple, we thought it would be be cool to poke fun at the stereotypes while helping public servants take pride in the work they do and the way they do it. In short, we thought there was a market for comfortable American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve tees that help bureaucrats stand out in the crowd, find their voice, and be more efficient and creative in their day to day. I bet you don't prove us wrong.