Healing Skin LLC has a passion for helping skin to heal to its greatest potential and is dedicated to creating products that promote healing and healthy skin. To that end, our mission is to offer a high quality burn treatment product that is superior to what is currently on the market that will live up to product claims and to consumer expectations so that it becomes a staple in every household. We also strive to educate consumers on burn care: the need for having a burn/wound treatment product on hand prior to an injury, how to treat burns and to optimize the healing process. We place the utmost importance on using the highest quality ingredients to ensure formula effectiveness: our patented Burn Cream MD® formula contains the highest grade of ingredients so that just a small amount will minimize pain quickly, optimize healing, and reduce the appearance of scars.

Dr. Diane Madfes grew up working in her family’s restaurant, witnessing burns first hand. A burn was painful, took a long time to heal, eventually left a noticeable scar, and slowed worker productivity. Personal experience showed her there was no effective product on the market to treat burns. This led Dr. Madfes to study wound healing and scar management during medical school and residency.

With the help of her business partner, Janet Arena, Dr. Madfes launched Healing Skin, LLC, and devoted much effort and time to develop a new treatment cream that would quickly heal burns and minimize scarring while providing fast pain-relief and optimizing the healing process.  By using a synergistic combination of natural ingredients and a topical analgesic, Dr. Madfes formulated a cream that would address all the aspects of a burn injury.

Testing was conducted for two years. Examination showed wounds healed faster compared to past usage of standard burn creams on burn wounds. Testing also showed an immediate lack of pain upon application. The product then went into Chefs Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali’s professional restaurant kitchens for additional testing with confirmed success. And thus, Burn Cream MD® was born.