The majority of business relocations will leave you with furniture to dispose of.

Maybe it no longer meets current EU legislation, or perhaps it no longer fits into your organisation’s corporate identity. Maybe it’s just fallen apart or reached the end of its practical use!

That’s when BMG can ensure that you are not left with the management-draining task of arranging to remove the furniture safely from your premises and find an environmental solution to your problem.

We’ve developed green solutions for you, to ensure as much of your furniture as possible is recycled and does not end up in a landfill.

We offer a free analysis to assess the best solution, ensuring that you will meet any deadlines to clear your buildings on time.

•    Recycle to save time and money
•    Develop green credentials
•    Improved social responsibility
•    Regional recycling centres
•    Environmental audits

Many business relocation companies hire crates from third parties and then pass the hire cost to clients. BMG has acquired a huge volume of lidded crates in various sizes and so does not have to bear these third party costs and enables BMG to add value to its services.

Now, BMG completely abolished crate hire rental charges and eradicated the time
Facilities Managers can spend over mislaid crates increasing rental costs. By offering one delivery and collection of crates we help reduce your carbon emissions too. If clients wish to keep crates however these can be purchased at cost price following the move.