BuyAlmost – Shopping Made Fun!

What Is BuyAlmost?

BuyAlmost – The New Way To Shop.

BuyAlmost is a unique auction based shopping portal where the users get to buy a range of products at an unbelievably low price. The concept is to have bidders compete amongst themselves such that the winner, or the person left standing last, gets an opportunity to buy the auctioned product at up to 98% discounted price!!

All this is made possible by cutting edge technology solutions and an innovative business model where everyone is a winner. BuyAlmost intends to broaden its horizons within the ecommerce domain in order to bring the best value deals to its users.

How Does It Work?

To begin with, the user has to sign up for free registration on BuyAlmost.com. After successfully completing the registration, the user can proceed to purchase the bid pack of his choice. Bid price ranges from Rs 12 – Rs 20 based on the pack you choose. Once the user has purchased a bid pack, the corresponding number of bids are credited to his account. He can now proceed to the live auctions page where he can place bids for his desired products. Bidders have the choice of placing single bids, or, using an electronic bid assistant called the “BidBuddy”.

For every auction there is a product listed on the site with the details of its MRP, Current Price, Time Remaining and Current Bidder highlighted alongside it. Each time a user places a bid on the product, the cost of the product is incremented by 10 paisa (Rs 0.10) and the time remaining for expiry is increased by 15 seconds. Bidding continues to take place till the ‘time remaining’ becomes 0, signifying that there is no more competition left for the product. The user who had placed the last bid will be declared the winner and will get the chance to buy the product at the closing price of the auction (winners save around 94%, on an average, when compared with the retail price). As a reward for persistence, we refund all the bids placed by a user towards winning a particular auction, as they say, ‘Winner Takes It All’.

Our Legitimacy?

Due to a largely unregulated industry, penny auction websites have received a lot of criticism. BuyAlmost would like to assure users of fair bidding practices. Here are a few ways we ensure our auctions are run fairly and genuinely:

   * We offer a range of different products from small product auctions & free bids to Playstations & Laptops. Users can test our genuineness by bidding on lower valued items which are typically easier to win.
   * We are not here to trick our users into wasting their bids, so we enure that the user is not able to bid more than once, consecutively, even by mistake. This highlights the fact that we prioritize user experience over everything else.
   * We take user complaints seriously and at our own discretion refund bids on auctions.
   * We refund the bids placed towards winning an auction, as our gesture to appreciate the persistence of the winner.
   * We ship our products from reliable suppliers and ensure that the product is delievered properly and on time.
   * We offer world class customer support.

Our Unique Advantages

BuyAlmost offers a barrage of unique advantages to its users in order to make shopping on BuyAlmost a fun experience. Below we have listed some of our prominent features

1. BuyAlmost in Hindi – We take pride in the fact that we are an Indian company trying to make a name for the country across the globe. As a symbol of our commitment, we have launched a Hindi version of the site alongside the English version.

2. Unique BidBuddy Tool – BidBuddy is your own personal assistant on BuyAlmost. We understand that it can be difficult for you to stay glued to your system throughout the duration of an auction, and yet you do not want to lose out just because you were not there physically during the dying moments of an auction. BidBuddy, a unique bidding tool, is the solutions to all such problems. All you have to do is enter the number of bids you want to place for an auction, along with the ‘current price’ range of your choice. Your BidBuddy will ensure that your bid is placed on the auction of your choice for your preferred price range. BidBuddy will not let you lose unless it runs out of bids or the actual ‘current price’ does not fall under your customized ‘current price’ range.

3. Free of cost shipping – We understand that hidden charges like shipping etc go a long way in spoiling the user’s online shopping experience. In order to counter this, BuyAlmost offers a unique advantage to its users: Free shopping of won product to any part of India*.

4. Winning Bids Refunded – As an appreciation of persistence and determination, we refund all the bids placed by a user towards winning a particular auction. We want the winner to have an ecstatic & memorable shopping experience.