ByTheBodhiTree.com is the destination for those who've grown weary of the fevered pitch of name calling and insults that pass for public discourse. Our writers share thoughtful commentary on morality, ethics, spirituality and the thought processes that defines us as human. Topics include news & politics, arts & entertainment, religion & spirituality, food & drink, sports & games, technology, lifestyles and more.

ByTheBodhiTree.com is unique in three ways:

1. The site aims to maintain editorial neutrality. Unlike other blogs such as The Huffington Post or The Daily Caller, we have no agenda on the left or right of the political spectrum.

2. The site is devoted to sharing the work of writers who write with a civil and factual style of prose, free from demagoguery. Contributing writers are not given assignments and are simply encouraged to be passionate and articulate about the ideas they share with our readers.

3. Readers are prohibited from commenting directly on the blog posts, though they may share their thoughts on our Facebook page. Therefore readers will have time and space for the immediate emotional reactions to subside before commenting.

Unlike the Buddha, most of us do not have the time or the patience to sit under a bodhi tree for days until we achieve enlightenment. Instead, enlightenment may need to come in small bursts over the course of our lifetimes. We hope the writers, thoughts and ideas expressed on ByTheBodhiTree.com will provide just such a burst and lead us all on a path to greater knowledge and understanding of each other.