Favortron Co., Ltd. - a company that is dedicated to making cable ties with high quality to meet buyer's needs. Favortron has been manufacturing cable ties for more than 27 years and the team has been creating and customizing cable ties for just as long. Their cable ties are ROHS, HALOGEN FREE, UL certified, and currently being used all over the world. If you are looking for a supplier of highly-refined cable ties for multiple uses, look no further than Favortron.

FVC has worked very closely with its material suppliers to develop resins that are specifically formulated for fastener and cable tie production. FVC has spearheaded material advancements in component manufacturing to assure customers the finest quality of products. Environmental factors can have an adverse effect on fasteners. It is very important to use the most suitable material for each application. And, when you consider that these characteristics may be further enhanced by chemical and fiber additions to increase strength, hardness, flexibility, or temperature and UV resistance, you can begin to understand why plastics are so attractive. The skilled craftsmen at FVC not only efficiently produce new Cable Ties and fastener shapes to customer print, they also produce them in a wide range of materials to achieve specific ductility or hardness. Today they are working with unique materials that add an entirely new dimension to plastic components and challenge the most creative design engineers. These are plastics that glow, can be richly colored and are soft to the touch or give off attractive scents.

Favortron Cable Tie Advantages

ROHS, HALOGEN FREE – cable ties are tested with a test result

All cable ties are UL listed

No recycled or mixed nylon granule

Cable tie tensile strength: 4 KG – 125 KG

Long lasting cable tie quality

Favortron insists on producing pure white cable ties with high standards to ensure their cable tie quality is compatible.

Fastening solutions tailored to your fastening problems. Our Fastener Division offers many innovative products, whether you need custom-molded automotive cable ties, or an application specific fastening system for an appliance application, Favortron experts coordinate the design, production, and on-time delivery to your exact specifications.
Free Sample - Fast Delivery (http://cable-tie.ready-online.com/cable-tie-maker.html)

FVC has the capability of molding different materials and is able to color match for Cable Ties and Wire Accessories. Please do not hesitate to contact for more information on these or any other materials. Once free smaples are required, they are delivered immediately.