Favortron Co., Ltd. had great turnover which increase rapidly annually. In 2000, they started to push the adjustment and combination of ERP system forward inside our corporation, and at the same time carried out the planning of e-business service. Due to 20 years' hard work and practical experience, they have laid solid foundations for becoming a professional provider of parts in the e-times. Facing the variety of products,competition among prices, the goal of reducing cost, and meeting clients' demands, they actively put into the field of plastics parts and in the meantime also gain the proxy for electronic zero resistance made in some well-know corporations.

Favortron has a full line of cable ties in a wide variety of materials, colors, styles and size options to meet your specific application needs. They have developed a complete range of fastening cable management products for use in bundling applications that require easy installation and dismantling. In addition, nylon granule is directly imported from SOLUTIA INC to ensure the quality of plastic and cable ties.

All Ties must be UL Recognized and tested to UL Standard 1565 for Wire Positioning Devices.

Find Our Cable Tie Categories and Specifications
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties (0.3mm)
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties (0.5mm)
  • PE Ties
  • Lock Pin
  • Push Mount Ties
  • Air Conditioner Tube Ties
  • Shoe Ties
  • Cord Band
  • Bead Ties
  • Releasable Cable Ties (GTRN)
  • Releasable Cable Ties (GTR)
  • Extra Heavy Duty Ties
  • Polyamid Cable Ties
  • Double Cable Ties
  • Marker Ties
  • Knot Tie
  • Mountable Head Ties
  • Double Locking Cable Ties
  • Special Ties