What is California Meditates?

California Meditates, a novel wellness campaign, of empowering people from various backgrounds to use meditation as a practical & effective tool to increase one's well-being and quality of life includes the following highlights:

Easy to access Meditation sessions- Meditation Challenge provides easy access to meditation sessions, bringing meditation benefits to many cities and different communities. Community members register to participate in 30/15/7 days of challenge at an open house event in thier neighborhood or online.

Participants can, then, download meditations daily on to thier mobile device. Social media network made available by the campaign helps them share their daily meditation experiences, staying motivated and inspiring their online community of friends and family.

Opportunities for Group Meditations - Meditation challenge incorporates frequent opportunities for interactions' among participants. These group meditations while enhancing a participant's experience of meditation also enable them to understand the complementary role of preparatory practices like Yoga & breathing techniques. Over 25 neighborhood venues - meditation centers, sport activity centers are available for participants to attend a group meditation session in. Workplace meditations groups offer a supplementary option to a participant to meditate for a few minutes during lunch break with their colleagues.

Gala Meditation Celebrations - After a month of challenge sessions, celebratory events in South Bay can service as  a perfect opportunity for a paricipant to have fun with fellow challenge participants and also to introduce their friends and neighbors to the beneficial practice of meditation. Meditations and talk at these events will be conducted by Rajshree Patel an international faculty member of the foundation and a nationally recognized exponent of meditation practices.

California Meditate is powered by the Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit organization that specializes in wellness & stress management. Art of Living has been designing programs for over 30 years in over 150 countries, literally, inspiring millions of people to integrate meditation and related techniques for increased health and well being into their lives. The foundations' experienced instructors are eager to see more people, through this Challenge, to gain an appreciation about the ease of incorporating simple practices to recharge into their busy lives and to to inspire participants to take the first step of developing an individual meditation practice