Camp Havoc takes a minimalist approach to strength and conditioning. What does this mean exactly? There are no machines of any kind, period. No treadmills, stationary bikes or weight machines. If we are doing cardio, we're going to run or walk. If we're using weights, they will be dumbbells, barebells or any other heavy object that will provide an unstable, yet controllable environment that will burn more calories, increase overall strength and help develop your core.

One thing that will be constant with every workout, you will sweat, a lot. High intensity, circuit type training will not only increase your aerobic capacity and endurance, but it will also increase muscle stability, strength endurance and power. Don't let this scare you. You will not bulk up like Arnold unless you're lifting extremely heavy loads. The workouts are more geared to burning ridiculous amounts of calories without decreasing lean mass (muscle).

Each workout is scalable to the abilities of every athlete. We will provide you with proper techniques to progress through the exercises at your own pace. The level of intensity is up to you. However, we do suggest that you prepare to work if you want to reach your goals. The workouts will combine individual efforts as well as team building exercises to help build camaraderie and provide for a more entertaining and fun atmosphere. Remember, everyone is an athlete at Camp Havoc!