Capstone wireless was founded in 2005, originally as an indirect channel partner selling voice and data services to government agencies and businesses. Looking for a differentiator, Capstone began buying back old phones and smartphones from its enterprise client base in 2006. What started as a way to fund customers' new equipment rollout quickly caught on as an environmentally sound option for businesses looking to reduce their cellular expenses.

Today, businesses and government agencies can boost their sustainability efforts by using Capstone's buyback and recycling program. As a Certified e-Stewards Recycler, you can rely on Capstone to increase your organizations competitive advantage while promoting your existing sustainability program and ensuring complete accountability according to the highest standard.  Along with our e-Stewards certification, we are also ISO 14001 certified for environmental management.  

Our founder is a member of the e-Stewards Leadership Council and actively promotes the e-Stewards brand.