CARA B Natural Products, Inc., makers of CARA B Naturally®, is dedicated to providing premium quality, all-natural skin and hair care products for ethnically diverse children. Our products are formulated to enhance the natural beauty of babies and children with varying skin types and hair textures, while avoiding the use of any synthetic chemicals that can harm delicate skin and hair. Our products are made with only natural plant-based ingredients.

At the heart of our company is also a commitment to promote positive images and messages for and about ethnically diverse children. We intend to affirm and celebrate their natural beauty, thereby fostering healthier attitudes about the ways in which they view themselves, and others.

From our company mission and all-natural product formulations, to our high customer service standards and our charitable giving program - everything we do at CARA B Natural Products, Inc. is based on the belief that our Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally™.

CARA B Natural Products, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  The company's products are currently available for purchase on the company's website at http://www.mycarab.com.