About CCH: Who We Are

CCH is a leading provider of information services and workflow solutions catering to tax, financial and accounting, human resource and employment, legal and business professionals across Asia, charting itself as The Professional’s First Choice in the markets globally. In line with our global philosophy, CCH continues to deliver superior products and services, committed to improving and strengthening our offerings which are reputed for its accurate, relevant and authoritative resources.

CCH Executive Events complements our product range with relevant events, seminars and workshops, providing opportunities for working professionals to interact in discussions whilst exploring the intricacies of information and developments of the industry. CCH ProSystem fx® Office Suite, a range of workflow tools that understand your challenges and needs for a dynamic solution to your work integration, helping you work smarter by streamlining your processes.

About IntelliConnect™:
IntelliConnect™ is CCH’s research platform that will transform the way you do research. You will be able to search through CCH’s high quality information with the all-new IntelliConnect™ platform which is quick, easy and time-saving while improving your workflow. IntelliConnect™ allows you to access comprehensive content on the Google®-like search engine that simplifies the search process that saves time and money on your advisory services. Thanks to the innovative online research platform by CCH - IntelliConnect™, professionals and organisations will be able to achieve their goals faster than ever before.

You can also visit our website to find out more about the features and benefits of IntelliConnect™ at www.cch.com.my/intelliconnect