Professional CCTV security camera dealer in Amsterdam
Online Camera Shop sells only "SST", a CCTV brand for small and large businesses.
Our CCTV products are 100% reliable and will not let your clients down, when they need to use their CCTV system.
This is why we standard offer 5 years warranty, on all SST CCTV camera's and CCTV security DVR recorder.

Do not underestimate our power of the best service ever and not only in Holland, but worldwide!
We will never let our clients fall down, when they really need our support, this is our promise.
When we hive a advise to our clients, you can bet that the advise is to be trusted and we won't sell CCTV products, that are not suited for a project.
Our current clients takes care of more clients, this means, we do not have to advertise big time, to find new clients to survive.
Our clients can take advantage of this, because our CCTV products that we sell on our CCTV shop, is really competitive priced, but with a rock solid quality!