Canadian Department of Peace Initiative Edmonton Chapter is a small not for profit group. We are also a non partisan group though we take pride that our supporters represent four of the major political parties across Canada.  Our group is a chapter under the National Campaign to establish a Canadian Department of Peace.  CDPI National is a founding organization of Global Alliance for Ministries & Departments of Peace.

Our purpose is simple...to promote the initiative for a Canadian Dept. of Peace in Edmonton and to do our part to escalate a culture of peace in Edmonton through events such as UN Peace Day events, workshops and by communicating via social media.  

A Canadian Department of Peace would work towards building a connection between government departments to promote a culture of peace in Canada and throughout the world. It will bring together 3 major components of peace & security: peace making, peace keeping, and peace building.

The intent of a Minister of Peace would be to encourage peaceful means of conflict settlement. The Peace Minister would provide a much needed alternative voice in debate and decision making at the federal cabinet level in response to armed conflict resolution in foreign affairs.